Music Videos Can be Cool Too!!


Forgive my silly title. I couldn’t think of anything funny or interesting to title this post so I decided to lean into the terrible title game.

I recently acquired an internship where I spend hours upon hours in front of a computer googling various movie titles to get their contact information so that they can be considered for the film festival my company is curating. Every once in a while I find that a music video has been submitted to a particular film festival and it is also posted online. To give my weary eyes a rest, I usually watch these videos and are stunned by the quality. To me a music video is usually just a band standing in front of a camera singing. Or it is a very polished, bland artsy crap. But music videos are just as varied and interesting as shorts or features can be. Here are few examples of great music videos. Please google each and every director and musician, they all deserve to be better known.

London Grammar “Hey You”

This is a music video from a band called London Grammar. They are, not surprisingly, a British electronic pop trio. Just looking at their YouTube channel, I see that they are pretty popular in Britain and have a plethora of other great videos for you to check out.

The director of this video is Chris Ullens. Here is a cool making of video that shows just how long a process stop motion animation is.

Apothek “Family”

Apothek is an electronic outfit hailing from Norway. They don’t seem to have put out much music beyond this single, but man it is a doozy.

This video was made by a collective known as Lavafilm out of Norway as well. It is made up of two people who seem to share the directing duties. Their names are Ida Thurmann-Moe and Andreas Grødtlien. Looking at the picture of them on their website, they seem like pretty rad people.

Gramatik “Brave Men”

I love this video for two reasons. The first reason is that I have seen this musician live in concert before. He is a very talented electronic artist that can actually put on a show (which believe it or not are two very different attributes). If you dig this music, then check out his other stuff. He is amazingly prolific and usually gives his music away for free. Pay him back by attending one of his shows.

The director of the video is Joe Zohar. The other reason why I loved this video is because he chose to take a stereotype of a woman getting beaten up by her boyfriend/husband and turn it on its head. This is what he says on his website about the idea: “Our tale was inspired from human nature and set in an undefined place and time. Illustrating how nothing is ever what it seems and that we all have our secrets. Brave Men is a story about strong women and the cowardly men who don’t deserve them.” I think that is really cool.

Tom Rosenthal “As Luck Would Have It”

Rosenthal is a British singer songwriter. Like Apothek, it doesn’t seem like he is extremely popular yet, but he has a strong voice and vision for his music.

The animator/director of this video is Daniela Sherer. She is has a very unique animating style and you should definitely check out her other stuff. I would in particular recommend tracking down the full length of this video:

So I hope you liked my selections. Through this unique internship that I have, I have been made aware of so much independent stuff on the internet. Maybe next week I will highlight some trailers of movies I think are cool that you probably haven’t heard of yet. Who knows….


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