Happy April Fools Day, Everyone! I hope everyone has tricked or will trick someone within this next twenty four hours. They all deserve it. This is one of my favorite holidays because you don’t have to worry about gifts and shenanigans ensue. The only downside to this holiday is that it makes it very difficult to announce anything serious or real because most people think that you are joking. But I am a very serious person with a very serious proclamation! (I am putting on a “Serious Judge” face right now as I type this.) I have been wanting to turn this wordpress site into something a little bit more dynamic and appeal to a wider audience for some time now. I have looked at other websites that I admire and I saw some things that I could change on my own site that would make things more interesting. So over the next couple of weeks, I will be giving my beautiful website a little face lift, as well as changing the format of it slightly. Until now, I have only stuck to columns or structure when I felt like it. But I need more structure in my life, so I will be starting a weekly columns that you can drop in on or follow as a series. Not everyday will have a column, but I think it is an easy way to organize themes in my work as well as give you guys something to expect from me. Without further a do, here is the list of columns I will be writing about:

Classic Cinema (every Tuesday): posts about movies released before 1967.

From the Netflix Graveyard (every Wednesday): posts about my odd decisions to put certain movies on my queue and then forget about them for years, only to have them resurface when I don’t look at the site for an extended period of time.

New Indies and Foreign Film (every Thursday): This column will give me a chance to catch up on all of the indie darlings from the past couple of years as well as make my blog a little bit more topical.

Top 5, Television Writing  and General Film Writing (every Friday): Friday should always be a fun day for everyone no matter where they are located in their lives. So to help you ease into your weekend, I will be putting up silly top 5s, manifestos on the current state of film and why Jess is so secretly complicated on the New Girl.

Everything on here is tentative and based totally on my willingness to stick to structure, but I am excited about this new phase in awesome Cinemaburn action!


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