49 Up


This is the seventh installment of Michael Apted’s Up Series.

In this installment, every subject seems to have settled into their lives. There are very few changes, and mostly good ones. They seem to be contented. This film was made in 2005. At this time Britain was riding a good financial wave that seems to have benefited everyone. Even Jackie, who is living on disability, seems to have enough money to live within a reasonable amount of comfort. Because I have watched the next installment already and I knew what ended up happening with the financial system, there seems to be an eerie calm in this installment. Even the subjects felt it. Tony, the cabbie who now owns a condo in Spain, estimates that the economy is going to collapse in five years. If he only knew that it would be a lot sooner…

At this point in my film watching, it feels like I am catching up with old friends. We drop in for fifteen minutes and learn about their children, their jobs, and their spouses. Each time they seem to be quietly optimistic about the future. I think this is probably my favorite part of watching this series. Each installment reveals a little bit more of their character as they are discovering it themselves.



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