42 Up

56 Up

This is the sixth installment in the Up series by Michael Apted.

In this installment, most of the subjects are more reflective in their sections. In every other movie, some of the subjects look back at their lives in the past. It is kind of the nature of this experiment. But almost every subject this time waxes poetic about their past lives. This probably comes from most of the subjects watching their children grow up. For the majority of them, most of their children are becoming adults and this gives them a hope for the future for their children while also looking at how much they had growing up. The other subjects decide to reflect on their situations because they have started a new direction in their lives. These subjects automatically become the most interesting for my young self. I could care less about how their children are getting on, but I do care about Bruce getting married for the first time, Neil finally finding his calling in life or Jackie descending into her sickness.

For the most part these films give me hope. Hope that I can still change even as late as forty-two. I know that most people have an innate fear of growing old and I am not exempt from that. I fear that I won’t be able to change myself or accomplish anything else outside of my twenties or thirties. But watching Neil being able to push himself and accomplish something that he always wanted to do even at this late date, brings me peace of mind. Change is possible at any age. Each path is not necessarily predictable at every age. It is comforting. At least for me.



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