Rare Exports


After watching a bunch of family friendly Christmas movies, I was in the mood for something… a little bit more grown up. But I made a promise to myself that I would devote my viewing habits to purely Christmas movies this week. So what is a bored girl, tired of the joy of Christmas, to do? Watch a Finnish movie about Santa Claus of course.

Rare Exports is about a small mountain town in Northern Finland. In this town, they make their money by capturing and killing reindeer. (How savage!) On the day of the capture, something goes wrong. All of the reindeer have been slaughtered by something other worldly near a fenced off portion of the land. In this fenced off portion of land, a bunch of Americans (We really are the villains of the world…) are blasting a mountain in a vain attempt to find the real Santa Claus. Well they found him and he gets out. It is up to a small boy and his father to rescue all the kids put in potato sacks from getting smacked and eaten. They have to battle old elves, insurmountable odds and their own doubt that such a legend could be true.

This movie is a nice departure from American-centric holiday movies. Still humorous and filled with lessons about the importance of the holidays, it is still able to be fresh and interesting because it doesn’t necessarily hold steadfastly onto those tropes. Instead it is more about the adventure and the ancient folklore than all of that holiday crap. For that I like it.


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