Jingle All the Way


Is there any better way to spend Christmas than watching Arnold Schwartzenegger and Sinbad get into some hammy shenanigans? Absolutely not!

Good ole Arnnie plays an absent father who promises his son the most fashionable doll in all the world for Christmas, Turbo Man. Arnnie must get the doll on Christmas Eve, but oh no! They are all sold out everywhere you go. Sinbad plays a disgruntled mailman who is also desperate for a Turbo Man doll in order to impress his son. Arnnie and Sinbad tussle and get into several different contrived events. It all comes to a head at the Christmas parade where Arnnie stumbles into becoming Turbo Man and Sinbad clunks the villain out to become a man with his brain exposed. CGI, an overlong chase and several platitudes later and Arnnie learns the true lesson of Christmas: love (and more importantly pay attention to) your family.

Oh man. What a silly movie. I forgot what a horrible actor Arnold Schwartzenegger is. His dead pan delivery, his strange accent, and his complete mispronounctian all combine to give this film an unintended shade of comedy to it. While it is a light and family friendly comedy, the presence of Schwartzie and Sinbad, along with several other comic relief men give this a culty feel. This is probably why I enjoyed such a by the numbers movie. It is light, fun and full of unintentionally funny moments. Thank you Schwartzie for making a girl’s Christmas!

P.S. if you are a fan of Archer and Dr. Spaceman of 30 Rock, then you should pay close attention to the mall scene and the yellow clad holiday workers… a little surprise awaits you!


2 thoughts on “Jingle All the Way

  1. Nice review. Just recently watched this and while I do think it’s terrible, it’s still a fun movie to watch, especially around the holidays. Because honestly, who doesn’t want a Turbo Man?!?

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