Christmas Vacation


I have never seen any of the Vacation movies… Whew. I am glad I got that off of my chest. For years I had to lie about seeing them to my friends, my co-workers and even my loved ones about loving this franchise. I had to fake laughs at jokes I didn’t understand, wax nostalgic about my fake childhood that was apparently just a big Vacation movie loop, and the whole time know that I was living a lie. I  couldn’t sleep, I could barely eat, and I avoided my dark soulless eyes in the bathroom mirror as I flossed incessantly. Today is the day that I can finally go out confidently in the world and tell them yes, I have seen a Vacation movie and it wasn’t just any Vacation movie, but the mack daddy of them all: Christmas Vacation. I feel so alive.

From my many years of research, I have gathered that all Vacations are basically the same, the locations and specific gags just change. Basically there is a family man who wants nothing more than to have the perfect Vacation. But everything bad that you could ever possibly think of, happens to him. In Christmas Vacation, all of the gags are holiday themed. He picks up a tree that is way too big for his house, he fiddles with a massive amount of lights only to never have them turn on. (Until finally he gets them to turn on and the whole street is illuminated by the glow of this house) He has pain in the butt in-laws that all come to stay with him. A cat gets electrocuted. And so on.

This movie was an easy way to get into the spirit of Christmas. Clark, played by Chevy Chase, is just so relentlessly pro-Christmas, despite what happens to him that it is heartwarming. You can’t help but to fall in love with him and to root for him. This film leaves you with that warm feeling you get after eating your grandma’s cookies and enjoying some hot chocolate as the christmas lights on her tree blink on and off.

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