Miami Connection


One night recently, my boyfriend and I were sitting around the house bored. We wanted to entertain ourselves without spending any money, so we turned to our trusted Netflix account. I went through different selections but nothing matched the mood I wanted to create. I finally stumbled upon a movie I had heard about for a couple of months now. Who knew that once I pressed play my whole world would implode and be replaced by this wonderful gem?

Miami Connection was made by Taekwondo master Y.K. Kim in the late eighties. In his world, Miami is riddled with cocaine pushing ninja bikers. There are just a bunch of baddies who want to make Miami into a rough place. But when Dragon Sound, Taekwondo pop rock band, enters the town, all they want to do is jam out and go to University of Central Florida. But they get wrapped into the seedy underbelly when they piss off the brother of a girl who is one of their classmates. So this band of orpans (in a long and painful dialogue exchange, we learn that everyone in the band has lost their mothers and fathers except for the black man) decides to take this ninja kicking drug cartel out by producing rocking jams and employing the philosophy of Taekwondo. In the end Miami is saved, the black guy reunites with his father and Y.K. Kim put up as the savior of all.

I don’t know how to express how amazing this film is. It is like if the guy from the Room made a martial arts films. Scenes go on for way too long, dialogue is thrown out with no emotional emphasis and a lot of the plot points feel shoehorned in. And yet it is amazingly fun. You get to hear whole songs from Dragon Sound, see full sequences of Taekwondo fighting, see a long sequence of motorcycle toughs enjoying themselves (and pancake boobies make an appearance!) and you really feel for the black guy at the end where he is moments away from meeting his father for the first time only to be cut down by a razor-sharp ninja sword. (he survives with no real harm done, despite the scene before he is covered in his own blood and looks like he is going to die) You really learn to root for these orpans. When they hurt, you hurt, when they triumph, you triumph. It is really quite magical.


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