American Grindhouse


Grindhouse is a term that has come into popular movies in the last couple of years. But the evolution of grindhouse is hard to pin down. What is considered grindhouse and what is considered just B movies? Through this informing documentary, the talking heads explore what people mean when they say grindhouse and how it has influenced the filmmakers that are experimenting with the genre today.

Grindhouse is basically any film that exploits a particular angle. Whether it be sex, violence, black culture or prison culture, the idea is irrelevant. Just as long as this exploitation is shown front and center on the screen, it is done within a couple of days for very little money, it is done outside of the studio system and it is programmed in theaters that are open all day and all night, it is considered grindhouse. Various talking heads include film historians, actors and directors from the various films that are featured and directors that were influenced by the grindhouse culture and incorporated those sensibilities into more mainstream fare.

If you want to know about all of the many different genres and the evolution of grindhouse, I would suggest this film. Although it doesn’t cover a couple of directors and films that I feel are vital to the grindhouse tradition, it still does a pretty good job of giving you the hits. Plus you get to see scenes from movies such as Isla: the She wolf of the SS, Blood Feast, and Teaserama. That is always a win in my opinion.


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