the original title for the film was 100 Guns 100 Girls. I love hear how they clearly translate the original Japanese title into something completely different.

the original title for the film was 100 Shot 100 Killed. I love hear how they clearly translate the original Japanese title into something completely different. We may be Americans but we are not completely dumb…

I admit something to you and I hope that you will not get offended or take away my ability to watch and review films. (You will never find me….) I have never seen a Bond movie. When I watch Bond spoofing flicks (like this one I am about to review) I only have a vague picture in my mind of the person they are making fun of. Someone who is straight-laced, always suave with the ladies, likes his martinis shaken not stirred and has a love of gadgets. However I could not even remotely tell you a plot line of a single Bond film all the way through. So please when I start to review this hip Japanese satire of James Bond, remember that I am not an expert.

Ironfinger is like I said before a comedic take on the normal plot lines that would take place in a Bond film. However it is not as outright comedic as the Pink Panther or an Austin Powers film. What it does is inject a sense of humor in very sticky situations. For instance a man who may or not just be on vacation in Japan wears a very tacky leopard print boat hat. He gets very miffed every time someone steals it (which happens a couple of times) and always tries to get it back. But why does he love such a crappy hat? It is because there is a gun hidden inside the lining of the hat. This film is full of clever tricks and instruments used to kill the other side. A bad girl turned good girl is an explosives expert. She can make anything into a bomb by sticking something in it and blowing a high-pitched whistle. I am not going to waste my time searching to see if this is actually possible in real life, but it is pretty cool. She has massive amounts of power hidden away in a necklace and her bra pads. She is not the only one in the film that comes up with clever ways of killing people. The protagonist really knows  how to get out of really sticky situations while always keeping his joke telling to an all time high. At one point he, his explosives girlfriend and a police detective are about to be killed by some Frenchmen in an execution style. They ask for cigarettes and matches as their last wish. The main Frenchman bad guy agrees saying that it is always a custom in the French custom to give them one last cigarette before they off them. (Maybe that is why they got captured so easily in the Second World War… hey oh French people are pussies joke coming right at you) The protagonist then takes these matches and throws them into empty oil drums that happen to be piled up right next to where they are going to be executed. Instead of making them explode (because they are empty), the drums fly across the floor to where the executioners are located and knocks them all out. This is outrageous and yet totally believable in the scope of everything else going on in the film.

This film is not a perfect satire. I had some issues with the plot. The protagonist went around for too long pretending to be a tourist when it was clear that he was not. The bad girl who was the explosives expert turned too quickly into the good girl. I wanted more tension and more of her being a vixen. (She did play the vixen pretty well. Her costumes changes were frequent and always quite amazing) Instead she seems to have been won over by this bumbling (or seemingly bumbling by this point in the film) man about five minutes into meeting him. She takes one look at his neat and well-organized suitcase and falls head over heels in love with him. Also I felt that the protagonist got captured a lot. He was not very good at his job. Every time I look down at my phone to check if there were any more cute pictures in r/aww, he is captured again after I had just witnessed a daring escape. He also came to some strange conclusion on how to find the bad guy. But for all of the plot holes and the character flaws, I had a pretty good time watching this flick. You won’t come to any inherent truth or really laugh your butt off, but you will be able to marvel in the sixties goodness this swinging movie brings to the table.


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