Kirby Dick is known for his political documentaries. His debut documentary took on Hollywood’s inability to cope with human sexuality and nudity. Most recently he assembled a documentary about rape in the military and its long history of silence. But in between these two very effective documentaries is a documentary that has brought him a little backlash.

Outrage is about reporters outing conservative Republicans who continually vote and lobby against a section of their demographic that they are a part of. These men sit in Congress or on White House advisory boards and push through legislation that undercuts homosexuality. They make it harder for a gay couple to seek benefits, get married or adopt children. They have undercut AIDs funding and even existence for many years. And they persecute homosexuals by their horrible rhetoric. But they are living a secret life where they happen to be homosexual. It is disrespectful and wrong for them to do this, but is it equally wrong for someone to out them without their support or knowledge of the full picture? Outrage clearly stands on one side of the issue. There is no doubt throughout the course of this film what Kirby Dick’s motives are. These reporters are held up in high esteem. Of course I know you want to know just where I stand on this.

The short answer is I don’t know. What these politicians are doing with their strong voice is an inherent betrayal to themselves. They only say these things and vote this way in order to not lose their conservative backing. It has nothing to do with the voters they actually represent. But is it right to invade these people’s private lives in order to out them? I take for instance Bill Clinton. He is famous for having an affair with a woman during his presidential term. This was wrong because he cheated on his wife, but it was not America’s business to impeach him for something that he did in his private life. This affair may have only hampered a few days of his term, not his complete time in office. So these men who have been closeted for several years do they not have the privacy rights that we granted to Bill Clinton? I think they do. These people should be known as bad people and not reelected or reappointed because of their voting records, not because they frequent gay bars. But we should also celebrate people who do decide to come out of the closet of their own free will. Politics should welcome each kind of person including homosexual people with open arms.

And yet I think the men and women who talk about outing people have ground to stand on. One talking head said that they could care less what position they were into, if they were a top or a bottom, but they were more interested in why they chose to hide their orientation by persecuting the population they are a part of. These men should be held more responsible for their actions because they make it harder for other men and women to come out of the closet. These people are not interested in outing closeted men and women who still vote for gay rights. They leave these people alone because they understand that coming out is a process, especially for older members. Instead they gear their targets to the politicians who have already outed themselves by being so anti gay. To be so fervently anti gay is to shout to the world that I have feelings for people of my gender. This is shown to be validated throughout history. Isn’t that guy who would accuse other guys in your class during high school of being a “fag” always seem to be the most blatantly gay person in the whole class? If you shout long enough and loud enough that you are not something, than pretty soon people are going to assume that you are that something you claim not to be.

Just like the other Kirby documentaries I have seen, this documentary is effective because it inspires debate. While it is obvious that Kirby believes in one side of the story, he does provide ample evidence to back up that belief. I think this film will lose much of its impact in the next couple of years as more and more people become pro homosexuality. No one will feel the need to hide who they truly are in order to receive backing by political party or reelection. We will look back on this film and wonder why the collective population was so dumb to deny the indelible rights to homosexual citizens for so long. At least this is what I hope.


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