I live for the moment after I have seen a great film. I feel complete. I get a quiet smile on my face and I sit in silence for sometime, contemplating not only the great film that I had just watched but the emotions, the ideas behind that film. Then of course it circles back to my own life. Just how I am going to express how I feel about this film to that one reader who actually takes a peek at my reviews? I am usually at a loss for words. At least for a couple of moments…

Reprise is a great film because it deals with what is most inherent in us all. It deals with the vulnerability we all have. Whether it is just after you have published a great or not so great novel, after you kiss a girl for the first time, after you say something stupid, or after you just opened up your soul to another human being, vulnerability is scary. The two main characters in this film are both writers. They both send their transcripts off to a publisher house at the same time. One gets accepted, the other does not. So at the beginning of the film, the viewer thinks the person who is most likely to be successful is the man who publishes first. Of course the director puts a wrench into the proceedings… The film explores what it takes to keep writing. Despite being broken up with, despite having a mental breakdown, despite having terrible friends who like to fuck with your mind, you need to just keep writing. That is easier said than done.

I don’t know why or how this film resonated with me. Maybe it is because I fancy myself a writer and I know exactly what they are going through. Maybe I have been in a relationship that has consumed me and made me slightly crazy for the love he seems to be withholding in the past. Maybe it is because I once had a best friend where we shared similar goals but through unforeseen circumstances had to depart from each other. Whatever the reason is, I liked this film a lot. Maybe you won’t. Maybe you will think that I am crazy for thinking so highly of a film that you find ridiculous and pretentious. Quite frankly I could give a shit what you think.

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