Snow White and the Huntsman


I may offend some people here, but I am going to write something anyway… I hate Kristen Stewart. She is one of the worst actresses out there and I just want to choke her every time I see her serious face on-screen (which is really just a cocked “d’oh” face). Her line readings are always flat and emotionless, she mumbles everything, and she always looks like she smelled something bad. Why do people keep casting her in otherwise good films? How does anyone look at her and say “yes” she looks like she would make a good heroine. Now that the Twilight film franchise is over (I think) I think her film career should fizzle out pretty quickly here. At least that is what I pray for every night.

Kristen Stewart puts a damper on everything she touches. Snow White and Huntsman would have been a great film if it wasn’t for her presence. I think the director realized this. Although Snow White is the titular character and it is essentially her story, it is the evil queen that the main focus is on. Maybe this is due to Charlize Theron’s wonderfully over the top performance as Ravenna, but the film lived every time she is on the screen. It just got better every time she decided to utter a word, tramp around her castle, emerge from a milk bath all scarily, or yell at her brother. So why did the powers that be put this powerhouse acting against a limp noodle. I wasn’t wanting the dwarfs, the woodsman, and the princess to win. I wanted the queen to win. She was way more badass than Snow White was.

I really enjoyed watching this take on the Snow White story. She is no longer just a helpless young woman. She is a Joan of Arc like savior for her people. She is in control of her own destiny. If I were to ever have a girl, I would make her watch this interpretation of the story before she watched the traditional Disney one. Not only are the characters stronger, the sense of danger more immediate, but the film is also prettier to look at. This is definitely one of those films that you catch on cable and get sucked into re watching the film again and again. I guess Kristen Stewart did not totally ruin this film…


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