Roger Ebert is Dead

Roger Ebert is dead. I can’t believe I am typing those words. I was not one of those people that had a religious commitment to his shows, his books or even his blog. And yet any time I wanted to know what the general opinion was on a film, I would turn to Mr. Ebert. He was and still is an inspiration for me to keep going with this blogging thing. If Mr. Ebert could churn out film reviews with such regularity even after having battling such a devastating disease, why can’t I? His ability to write with so much depth without saying too much is something I aspire to do every time I start a new post. I am going to miss him intensely. I hope one day to be half the film critic that he was. He was an amazing man and I hope that his passing was the most comfortable possible

A better eulogy was typed by another one of my influences, Scott Tobias of the A.V. Club. I would suggest you check it out.,96102/


Goodbye, Roger. Have a good one. 


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