Switchblade Sisters


From now on if I meet a girl who thinks she is tough, I will not be impressed until she pulls out a switch blade. In order to truly be a bad ass woman you must have long hair, sport some sort of leather jacket and talk through a locked jaw. You must make love in an aggressive rapey way and you have to scoff at anyone that tries to put you down whether it be the police chief, a fellow gang member, or the female warden. You have to have a good heart guarded by a very tough exterior. I found all of these attributes are necessary while watching this sweet exploitation film from the mid seventies. Full to the brim with shitty acting, bad wardrobe choices, and a mediocre plot lines, it doesn’t seem to taint the film at all. I went along with it all purely because the girls were so awesome.

Exploitation films are interesting and much studied for one reason: they are so bad and yet so insightful of the times they were made. Switchblade Sisters was made in the mid seventies during the height of the second wave of feminism. This film showed that women can be just as insane and badass as women can be. They can be gang leaders and revolutionaries if they choose to. The strongest women in the film were not beholden by any man. In fact it seemed like they were more beholden to their fellow sisters. (The hint of lesbianism is pretty high) And yet despite feminism getting a hold on every day life and empowering more and more women to be as punk as possible, the man could still her down and rape her. And she should expect to enjoy it because she was asking for it. This scene echoes exactly what happened to the feminist movement. They were held down by the popular male run media and raped until they were seen as nothing more than bra burners. (which never happened by the way) Despite this awful event and the constant negative characterization of the word feminism, the movement still massive amount of impact. Even though she got raped, it did not stop her from fighting and rebelling against the system. A tough girl can not be dragged down.

This film is definitely essential if you like hot girl gangs, if you like to see women kick some major ass and kill almost every man in the film or if you like to see over the top knife fights. Is putting your jacket on the hand not using the knife essential to a knife fight? Because you look ridiculous doing so…


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