Halloween Hangover: The Gore Gore Girls and The Wizard of Gore

So I am about to put my foot in my mouth… Are you prepared? Yes I hated the Hostel because it was all pointless torture. But I have to admit I liked The Gore Gore Girls and The Wizard of Gore for the exact reasons that I hated Hostel… Geese my foot is huge.

Before I try to justify my affection for one set of films and disdain for another, let me summarize what to expect with these two gems from the early seventies. The Wizard of Gore is about a mysterious magician who hypnotizes and tortures young women in front of a passive audience. Despite these graphic tortures, the women walk away unharmed only to die later, usually in a public place outside of the theater. In The Gore Gore Girls, a serial killer is terrorizing go-go dancers at a particular club. Each dancer is tortured in the most gruesome way possible. A snarky and sexist Sherlock wannabe is put on the case after a beautiful reporter bribes him to do it. He solves the mystery eventually but not until we see several women die in spectacular ways.

These two films are nothing more than a collection of gory deaths strung along in a very cheesy plot line full of horrible lines and fake emotions. And yet I enjoyed a woman getting the press of death or an anonymous serial killer playing around in someone’s dismembered head more than I enjoyed some guy dressed up in a butcher’s suit dig out eyeballs. I’m not quite sure as to why I preferred one over the other, but I think it might be despite the horrific deaths in the Gore Gore Girls and the Wizard of Gore, they were pretty hilarious. Someone gets their butt tenderized to death by a meat tenderizer. That is just the start. While there are some unintentional laughs (mostly from the horrible dialogue delivery) in Hostel, everything is taken ultra seriously to the film’s detriment. I much prefer a slasher flick that does not take itself seriously. I don’t take myself seriously. I hope Eli Roth does not take himself seriously. Somehow I doubt that…


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