Creature from the Black Lagoon

Ugh. I am such a horrible person. Here I committed myself to watching a horror film every day for the month of october and I post two and then am quiet for the next couple of days. I want to kill myself. To make up for it I am posting three times today in order to punish myself. I will never mess up ever again…

Within the deep dark reaches of a lagoon lies a creature. A creature that loves beautiful women, strangling natives and breathing through its mouth although it has gills on both sides of its neck. It stalks the lagoon floor looking to take revenge on whoever it sees in its sights. Unless its sights are obstructed by a big shiny light after some dust has been thrown on it.  They call it… a creature.

A scientist makes a huge discovery in the depths of the rain forest: a fossilized hand that suggest the possibility of a merman’s existence. He takes a team consisting of a skipper, two divers, the lovely girlfriend of one of the divers and several natives and enters a lagoon… a lagoon that is full of death! The creature pops up and terrorizes the little expedition in order to gain the babe in that tight white bathing suit (so scandalous). The burly men come to the dame’s rescue with lots of diving, dust sprinkling and flashing of bright lights. This is the fight of a lifetime.


The plot of this film was a tad thin. It seemed like the screenwriter was struggling with ways to thicken the plot. It is one thing that a scaly monster is trying to wreck your ship, but mix it with diving envy, women inequality, and overt competitiveness of scientific discovery and you still have me yawning. The acting of course did little to help matters. Each man and woman were great to look at especially when they were moving fluidly through the water, but man they could not deliver a line to save their lives. None of that mattered as much as how the monster acted and looked. The creature was not as scary as some other Universal horror monsters, but man was  it cool to watch. I bet it was wonderful to watch those underwater scenes on the big screen. Such care went into those shots and the suit in general that it seems kind of wasted in such a bland story line.

Oh well. You can’t get everything right.




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