The Mummy

Horror films have never been my strong point. Something about this genre makes me want to never go near them. I think it might be the intentional need to scare the pants off of your bottom that might be scaring me away. Being scared has never been a state of emotion that I have ever wanted. I know that might be hard to realize to all of you horror junkies out there but it is true. But my obsessive nature about films has put me in a predicament. I need to know more about horror films and I am taking the month of October to learn more. Every time I post (hopefully every day but don’t get your hopes up), I will tackle a horror film that I have never watched before but are considered must watches in the horror genre. My goal is to cross off a few essentials from my list of to watch films and to learn more about the genre I am exploring. I hope you will enjoy it.

What better way to start off this exploration than a Universal monster flick? Boris Karloff, hot off of his success from Frankenstein, expands his monster repertoire with the scary mummy reanimated by the utterance of a curse to stalk the earth looking for his reincarnated love. He finds her in the lovely Helen and he will stop at nothing to transform her into an ancient Egyptian. His plans are made complicated by a young pretty archeologist who is desperately in love with Helen from the first time he met her. A Dracula like plot ensues and the plot thickens with each passing minute until… well I won’t tell you the ending.

The appeal of Boris Karloff is very simple. I want to see a very tall man in mountains of makeup lurk around being scary. It is as simple as that. So in that way the film wins. Boris pierces the screen with his snuck in eyes and paper skin. He truly is the best mummy I have ever seen on film. (At least alive.) Of course all of the most recent mummies that I have seen have all been computer animated so there is really no competition.

However in the compelling story aspect it fails most dramatically. The story rushed itself too much. The young archeologist was in love with Helen from the moment they met. His come ons were the creepiest part of the whole film. I am not kidding.  The sentiments felt false, the acting was atrocious (by everyone except Boris) and the story was a Dracula rip off. But who really cares? It was cool to look at and fun to rip on. I enjoyed myself so I will give this film a pass. For now… (duh… duh… DUH!)

As a side note: The remake will never be as good as the original. Do not under any circumstances watch The Mummy from 1999. It bring about a plague of locusts! (Actually you will probably just die of boredom)


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