Permanent Midnight

I have had a netflix queue since I was a freshman in college. Since that time, I have utilized several different venues to get my film fix, but netflix remains my main go to. This has produced some side effects to my viewing habits. I usually wait an absurdly long time to a watch a newer film that I am really excited about because I feel the guilt of having to watch everything that is before it. I have a bottomless pit that is the middle of my queue where films have been stuck since I first started my subscription. I don’t want to get rid of these films because they still sound interesting or are important in some way, but I also don’t really feel the need to watch them. Every once in a while I give in and watch one of these bottomless pit films. This was a bottomless pit film. I should have deleted it from my queue a long time ago…

The exploration of drug addiction is usually a fascinating subject for me to watch. This time however I just wanted him to die and get it over with. The main guy, played by Ben Stiller, is a Hollywood writer who develops a serious habit. IN order to get off of it, he goes through a detox program that involves him working at a fast food restaurant. While at the restaurant he meets a girl and they spend the night together in a dirty hotel room. There he tells his story. It all seems fine, right? Wrong. His story is boring, selfish, and frustrating to watch. I never once felt for this character or thought that he was deep down a good person. Instead I thought he was a soulless asshole that didn’t seem to care at all about the girl he is fucking story, because he keeps insisting on telling his. Her story seemed way more interesting than his. But the egotistical director decided that his story was the only story that mattered because he was in Hollywood or some shit. Ugh.

I am struggling for anything to say about this film because it is so incredibly boring. The story is flat, the cinematography is non-existent, the acting was good but not great and I just didn’t care about this film. So I guess I will end this review here.



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