Tiny Furniture

After I finished college in 2010, I was insanely depressed. I was faced with the reality of being in a world that didn’t care about my ideas, my thoughts or my art and I didn’t know what to do. It was devastating. All I wanted to do was crawl up in my undergraduate cocoon and go back to school which was financially impossible at the time. To top it off I had my parents calling me every week and telling me that I should move back home and apply for jobs around my hometown. I felt a lot like Aura did in this film. That is probably why I identified with it  so much.

I have heard the complaint that this film is very elitist and on some levels it is, but at the core of this film there are ideas that seem to be universal. Doubt about what you are supposed to do next is something that I feel like everyone goes through once they have accomplished something big like graduating college. There just seems to be so many ways that your life to go, but you are scared of maybe choosing the wrong path. Instead you choose the path of inaction, of lying in bed all day, of getting a shitty job because you don’t have anything else better to do. This is what Aura chooses to do. She chooses to make every wrong decision because she is so scared of making the right ones. And there is nothing her mother or her sister can do about it. All they can do is listen to her and hope that she can pull herself out of this rut she is stuck in. Of course all this looks like to her is that her family doesn’t care and that frustrates her even more. She yells and screams at them, tells them they just don’t understand what it is like and continues to make bad decisions. It isn’t until she seems to hit rock bottom does she wake up and realize that she isn’t alone, that her mother went through the same things, that she will be okay.

I really liked this film. I felt it spoke to me as a struggling “artist” and as a woman. This seems to be my generation’s Graduate. At least that is the way it felt to me.


One thought on “Tiny Furniture

  1. I loved this. This recent subject of not being able to stand on your both two feet and not depending on your parents between finishing college and before you’re 30 (so 21st century) is also very good adressed in Lena Dunham’s show in HBO, Girls.

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