Favorite Comedy Podcasts (The Cool People Version)

Now I know my main focus on this blog is film, but I want to share with you guys my other passions in life. I love media of all kinds and one kind that I am particularly fond of is podcasts, especially comedy podcasts. If you don’t know what a podcast is, then you are just not a cool person plain and simple. In order to be cool you must listen to at least one of the podcasts highlighted below. But to be the coolest of the cool you should probably listen to all five.

5. How Did This Get Made?

(featuring Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas, and June Diane Raphael)

This podcast takes one particularly awful film and wonder why the hell was this film ever committed to celluloid. Whether it is the studio becoming too involved, the director had too much reign, the main actor is certifiable crazy or the film was just doomed from the start, each comedian and the comedian guest delight in tearing these shitty gems a new one. Recent great episodes include Speed 2: Cruise Control, On the Line and The Adventures of Pluto Nash.

4. Mike and Tom Eat Snacks

(featuring Michael Ian Black and Tom Cavanagh)

You might know both of these men from a television show called Ed. Known to be snack connoisseurs while on set, once the show was cancelled they decided to further their snack critic careers together. Each week they take one snack, eat it and then tell us why they hate or love it. Although they get some comedy gold from riffing on the snack itself, the real comedy comes from them just talking to each other. Try to find the episode where a viewer (I mean listener) makes them guacamole. It is a pretty early one, but it is by far my favorite.

3. The Smartest Guy In the World

(featuring Greg Proops)

Known for being the geeky square on Whose’s Line is it Anyway, Mr. Proops is actually a pretty hip kitten. He riffs on everything from baseball to ancient Roman politics all while making it enjoyable for me to listen to for hours and hours. If you are scared off by hyper liberal agendas, copious references to weed and alcohol, then you are just not cool enough to listen to this great masterpiece of a show. There are too many great episodes to name just a few so I would start with the most recent one and work your way backwards.

2. Walking the Room

(featuring Greg Behrendt and Dave Anthony)

Greg and Dave are fucked up individuals. They love really intricate poop jokes, wallowing in their misery,being trolls on Twitter and that is just the start. Their long-standing friendship keeps them together and keeps them funny through all of the bad times (and trust me there are a lot of bad times for these two men!). If you get grossed out easily, you need not subscribe. I would recommend episode 118 (Pistol Dick and Dirty Santa) as a good place to start.

1. WTF
(featuring Marc Maron)

Although this podcast has been getting too big for its own good lately, Marc Maron will always have a place in my heart. He is my favorite comedian for a reason. He is raw, interesting, and morbidly funny all of the time. Although each podcast seeming focus is on the celebrity guest that he interviews, the real focus is always him. That however does not stop him from getting some really interesting things out of celebrities that you thought you knew. I prefer the episodes where he interviews a comedian but every episode is worth listening if only to see if what his cats are up to lately.


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