The Rundown

I don’t usually talk about action films on this blog for a good reason: I don’t watch them. I don’t have a problem with someone watching a film with lots of explosions, tons of high kicks and naked women in it, it is usually just not for me. I feel like most action films rely on tropes and plot convenances in order to tell a testosterone filled story. Not every action film is like this, just most of them are. However I was bored and there was nothing better on (this happens a lot I figured out when you have cable) so I decided to give The Rundown a chance.

The Rundown looked appealing for me (as opposed to Pawn Stars, Tosh.O or Chopped) for one reason: Sean William Scott. Now most people spit their soda that they were currently drinking through their nose at the thought of someone like me watching a film based solely on an American Pie cast member, but I swear it is true. The reason is that I find him funny. Dumb funny sometimes (as in American Pie and Dude Where is my Car?) sure, but you only have to look at his role in Role Models to see that this guy could have a Matthew McConaughey like  (who knew? I thought Mr. McConaughey was destined to be a bland romantic interest for the rest of his life) turn around in the near future. And when the snobs tell the general public that they knew Mr. William Scott was a good actor despite his unfortunate choices, they will point to the previously mentioned film and The Rundown. In this film, he takes only a mildly interesting character and turns him into a character that shows up The Rock in the lead role. He is stupid, smart, witty, awkward and childish all at the same time while the Rock just manages to be able to hit shit really well. He even has his signature move that I find hilariously enduring.  The other reason that I wanted to watch this film was because of Christopher Walken. Good old Christopher Walken. He is one man who I will never get tired of watching on the screen. He really hams it up here, delivering speeches about tooth fairies as a comparison to Sean William Scott’s character taking a precious artifact off of his land. He so incredibly cool and funny that him just looking at the camera made me laugh. I wa so happy when I saw him on the screen for the first time in this film.

The plot doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that three rag-tag individuals are on a mission to find this artifact and Christopher Walken means to stop them. There are tons of explosions, martial arts fights and best friendship endings. This stuff is intirgal to enjoying the film but also secondary. That probably doesn’t make sense, but I stick by my thought. While it was cool to the Rock really fist pump someone, I forgot about it right after it happened. What stayed with me is the Jammie performances, the goofiness of the lines and Rosario Dawson perpetually being sweaty. (I don’t think that The Rock or Sean William Scott sweated near as much as she did and they were twice her size) If you just want a film to wash over you with its silliness than this is a good film for that. If you want to talk about your feelings pansy boy go see Garden State or something.


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