Musicians that would score all of my brain films

I love music. I love music maybe too much. When I listen to music, I respond to musicians and songs if I can tell that they would make good soundtracks to films. I know that is a weird thing to say, but it is true. I tend to go gravitate towards emotional somber music that I can write to, that I can read to, and that I can stop and think about. It is a fun pastime for me to figure out what types of films certain bands would go well together. Below are some of my favorite bands and the films I would like to make with their music. I tried to be unique as possible in my choices. These bands are actual bands I listen to all of the time and I love very much…

Coheed and Cambria

This band is not my favorite, but rather my boyfriend’s favorite. He has been a fan for over eight years now and he can’t stop putting the albums on when we are driving long distances. For this reason I have had a lot of time to think about what kind of film I would put with this band. They are known for their epic arrangements, weird metal tonalities, and obscure references. Because of these things I think they would be best suited for a dark gritty superhero film. The film would involve a lot of dark shadows and deep psychological ruminations into the life of a vigilante. It would also have some kick ass action sequences.


A folk twosome, the band is notable for the sweetly tragic lyrics and bare instrumentals. Their sound is simple and unique. The type of film I would choose for them would be a first love story. It would be set in a picturesque location full of birds, trees, and nature all around them. If you like the song above, I suggest you pick up their new album… It’s pretty awesome.

White Rabbits

White Rabbits are a band that I have loved for a couple of years now and they have always felt like they would make a good addition to a soundtrack. Their emphasis on interesting arrangements and sonically dissonant sounds are what make this band interesting to watch. For them I picture a film about a man slowly going insane. Sometimes I feel like I am going insane listening to this music. By the way I love the music video above. It sort of reminds of Dogtooth in a way.

Okkervil River

This is a hard one. In order to make a film out of their music, you would probably have to be very choosy about what snippets of songs you choose, because the songs tend to be very wordy and tell their own stories. Barring the possibility of adapting one of their songs into a film itself, I think the music would lend itself to a neo-western. It would be full of dust, hardships and gunfire. Like all good westerns. Just to let you know they are great live. Just putting it out there…

Wild Flag

Full of rriot girl alums, Wild Flag is a punk amazement. Full of power licks, strong lyrics and fun, Wild Flag would be great as a soundtrack to a comedy. Hopefully it will be penned by Kristen Wiig, have Carrie Brownstein (she is in Wild Flag…duh), Fred Armisen and Melissa McCarthy in it. Yeah I am silly.

Well here is my choice for the best bands to make that would make the best soundtracks. I hope you agree with me. If you have an odd choice for a band and film match up that just might work, feel free to comment in the section where you comment in. You have been on the internet before, you know where it is.


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