Favorite Sketch Shows

I love watching quirky sketch shows. I can just watch them for hours. In fact I do watch them for hours. (I don’t have much going on in my life okay?) I love comedians create characters that come out of their silly little heads in order to make me laugh. I want to make it known that these shows are my personal favorite and not necessarily the objective best sketch shows. (Although I am pretty great at making recommendations, so I feel like these shows are the best in the whole world.) One major omission from my top 5 is going to be Mr. Show. I have not seen this show, but I am working on rectifying that soon enough. Forgive me.


This Canadian show from the seventies and eighties is legendary. There are many comedic gems that I like returning to again and again. If you look at the show’s IMDB page, you will see that many, many, many famous comedians worked on this show. My favorite is of course John Candy. His physical comedy was a lot more hilarious than Chris Farley. This is a great show to come back to. It gets better and better with more viewings.

4. Little Britain

It is insane sometimes when you watch British sketch shows and you see several characters that are only done by one person. In America you don’t have whole shows based on only two comedians. You can tell that Matt Lucas (who is in Bridesmaids btw) and David Williams work really hard every episode to put together shocking and hilarious sketches. My favorite has got to be Matt Lucas’ version of a British teenage girl. (Yeah, but no, but yeah!)

3. The State

This show is what inspired this top 5. I have always meant to catch up with this show, but I just never got around to it. I am so glad I finally saw all of it. (By the way I watched every disc in the space of two days. You are so jealous.) I have a deeper appreciation for Michael Ian Black and the rest of the crew who went on to do bigger things (like Reno 911 and becoming a director and stuff) My favorite sketches are smooth guys who like pudding and say things like Oh Yeah and Michael Showalter’s Doug “I’m outta heeerrreee.”

2. Monty Python’s Flying Circus

How can I not like this show? It may have been my parents’ generation, but every once in a while that may mean a sense of quality. (But most of the time, things my parents liked when they were younger means that I avoid them like that horrible plague in the Middle Ages. Remember that Plague? Yeah my parents’ taste is worse.) Their insane animations (animated by one of future’s most insane film directors.), their constant ability to make men dressed in drag funny, and their constant play on words make them a nerdy favorite. How many comedians were inspired by Monty Python? Too many. They rock.

1. Kids in the Hall

Hell yes. I love love love love this show. It may be blasphemous to suggest I like this more than Monty Python, but it is sad and true. If this was the only thing that was on every station of cable from now on, I would always be watching cable. I would definitely suggest watching the show from the start, because they sort of loose stem in the final seasons, but man are their sketches still golden. Dave Foley is a great straight man and woman. Mark McKinney and Kevin Macdonald warp their faces and limbs into comic awesomeness. I also want to have Scott Thompson as my best friend (On a tangent: I totally agree with his recent statement that homosexual teens need to grow some balls. Awesome.) I hope that I don’t ruin my sketch comedy cred. (Don’t worry I have too much for you to really notice if I lose some with this post or not.)

Honorable Mentions:

Chappelle’s Show

That Mitchell and Webb Look



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