The Girl on the Bridge

I am supposed to like this film. It is French, directed by an acclaimed director, starring super stars in French Cinema, it is a classic type of love story, and shot in an artsy black and white style. All of these things I respond to generally. However I could not have been more bored by this film.

The story is about this young woman, played by Vanessa Paradis, who is confused by love. She takes to it too often and too well. She is out of luck, so she decides she is going to jump to her death on a bridge. However a man, played by Daniel Auteuil, comes along, saves her and offers her a job as a body to throw knives at. They soon learn that they have tremendous luck together and they become rich and a sought after act. But love (meaning here mostly sex) is an ugly monster. She decides to leave this man who has helped her out for a man who gives her some good loving and everything for both of them falls apart.

I am very confused as to why I didn’t like it. I like Daniel Auteuil and although I have never seen Vanessa Paradis in anything, I assumed she was capable of pulling off this character. And yet despite how many longing looks they give each other, I did not believe their relationship at all. I was also immensely creeped out by her basically orgasmic every time he threw a knife at her. I thought this was an extended perfume ad. You know the ones where it is shot in black and white and the man takes the woman in his arms and smells her. At the end of the film, I was expecting some ridiculous name to come up scrolled across the screen. Something like “Seduction” or “Knife Farts” or something like that.

Leconte is a director that I guess is hit and miss for me. I feel like I should like him a lot more than I do. I thought the Widow of Saint-Pierre is really good, but I found Man on the Train and Ridicule to be bland. Maybe I am expecting too much out of him. Maybe I should just take his stories at face value and realize that I can’t like everything a director does. But man was the trailer great. I loved the trailer for this film. I thought that if that is what I am getting from this film, then I am in good shape, but I could not have been more disappointed.Ugh. Oh well. I know that I will keep watching his films and I will probably continue to be underwhelmed by them.

Maybe it was just me being disgusted by the transformation scene of Vanessa Paradis who if she was wearing a potato sack she would still be drop dead gorgeous. The one who really needed a transformation was Daniel Auteuil’s suits. Holy crap, how am I supposed to take him seriously in this film when he sporting shiny, flowery pants?

So the plan was to find a good version of the trailer to put up on this post, but I couldn’t find what I needed, so I am going to link to the IMDB site. I know it is up there.


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