I did not want to see this film. Being one of those people who have to know about films coming out, I knew this film was directed by the same guy who did the Pirates of the Caribbean (and not the only good one, the first one) and it seemed to have a plot line that was a lot like Toy Story only set in the desert with animals. I don’t respond to overly cutesy plots that are supposed to ring true with adults and children (I know that this will make me some enemies, but I feel Pixar is boring). Although I used to be a huge fan of Johnny Depp ( Yes, I had posters up of him in my bedroom), lately his presence in a film does not excite me. So this is why I was resistant to the film from the beginning. However my boyfriend really wanted to see it and what other things do I have to do with my life besides watch films that my boyfriend wants to see? (He doesn’t always have the best taste, case in point dubstep.)

This film surprised me. I liked it. I thought it was a lot of fun, the characters were fully realized (except for the young mouse girl thing), and the references to other westerns made me say “Hey I know that” without pulling out of the plot completely. I liked this film because it was simple. Rango has no friends, he travels to a town in the middle of the desert where their water is running out, he pretends to be this amazing cowboy person and sets out to see where all of the water has gone. What he finds out is typical of a standard western (local government being corrupt), but it still felt needed and essential to the plot. This film also comments on humans ability to ruin nature by putting a huge town full of gambling and lust in the middle of the desert (Las Vegas) without being a Wall-E. (Wow I am really shitting on Pixar, aren’t I?)

I enjoyed this film. I think that you will too, if you like westerns as much as I do and if you are tired of Pixar rip offs.


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