Favorite Campy Films

I recently watched the documentary Best Worst Movie which talked about Trolls 2 and its impact as being the worst film ever made. It was a great film that showcased the love people have for films that are not very good. Although I have not seen Trolls 2 (although I am going to see it soon!) I have a few favorite films that are not considered very good, by anyone’s standards but I can watch over and over again.

5. Killer Klowns from Outer Space

The title explains what this film is about. However what it doesn’t say is the what the “klowns” touch down in (a massive circus tent), the memorable lines, the horrible acting and the creepy bad make-up work done on the klowns. I love watching this film when I am down in the dumps. It brings a smile to my face that can only be called killer (see, I am very witty.)

4. The Evil Dead

The first time I watched this film, I was more idealistic. I hated the film for the shitty dialogue and the insane amount of gore. However upon watching it again with some friends, it grew on me. Bruce Campbell is the ultimate actor of B horror films and he brings it, man. The blood and the zombies (?) that the characters get turned into are the over the top and fun.

3. Spaceballs

I know that this might shock a lot of people but I do not like Star Wars very much, either the originals or the sequels. However I do like watching this film that makes fun of Star Wars. John Candy is wonderful in the film as a stuffed bear creature and the silly jokes at Star Wars make me laugh cynically at those fans. HAHA!

2. Piranha 3D

One of the most recent films on the list, Piranha 3D recalls a time when films were churned out based on how many titties and how many deaths get shown in a given film. However it builds on the concept and becomes a legitimate thriller that is ultimately about a silly menace. How big are piranhas anyway?

1. 10 Things I Hate About You

This film is of a different genre than the rest of the films on my list, however I think it is my favorite campy film of all time. If someone were to show this at a theater in a Rocky Horror Picture Show situation, I would be the first in line. (I know who I would come dressed as too…Kat Stratford) I acknowledge that this is a bad film and yet I have all the lines of dialogue memorized down to the cadence it was delivered in. Starring some future stars, this film is usually not what they want to put at the top of their list of things they are proud of, but I feel like they should embrace it. They should know that this film is a good time.

Obvious Absences from the list:

I have not watched many Ed Wood or John Waters films (I have only watched Hairspray which is was only okay and not a good sample of John Waters work. I am told that, at least). I am also not an expert in seventies cult films or really horror films. I usually only watch campy films if people want to watch them with me. I see it as a group thing where we can safely judge and laugh at this bad thing and me not feel bad about it because someone else is doing it also.


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