The summer brought for me massive amounts of change. Caught up in the wave of change, I was unable to spend time at my local multiplex and see one of the most talked about comedy films of the year. Everyone I heard or read review it said it was surprisingly funny and truthful. Anticipation can be a nasty thing. Nonetheless waited I did and when it came out on dvd and blu-ray, I finally decided to watch it.

I don’t know if you have noticed but I am a woman. I am also a women studies minor woman who is obsessed with media. That puts me in a sometimes overly populated area of people who want to triumph anything that seems to progress the cause of women in the media. Let us be honest now, how many funny women are there in the world? How many women are directing or writing or producing films? Trust me it is scarily less the male majority. The film industry is still a man’s game, although there is progress. One of those progresses has to be this film. I know that there have been many reviews championing the dawn of a new witty woman romance comedy but I feel like this film can help to change the game. At least make it a more even playing field. All this is well and good, but is this film funny?

Yes. Kristen Wiig is a very good physical comedian that does not involve her falling down. Case in point the scene in the airplane. He emotions go from frightened to almost sick to drunk to vengeful to crazy in a quick amount of time. Her body reflects those emotions with ease. (My favorite part is when she pulls her hair over and puts two fingers on her upper lip and says german words to the flight attendent. I’m laughing right now.) Her relationship with these women that also share the screen with her ring with reality. She does seem to be really close to Maya Rudolph (maybe because they were SNL cast members together). All of the other women start out as a stereotype but each one breaks through that and becomes their own person. Yeah Melissa McCarthy may be playing a woman who is an overweight butch, but she brings truth to it and she makes her weirder than maybe a lesser actress would.

There are things that I felt were wrong with this film (the soundtrack mostly) but for the most part, I enjoyed the film. I do not think that every rom-com from now on should take directly from this film, but I think it is a good jumping off point. Just as long as the relationships are believable, the comedy and the audiences will come.


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