Bunny and the Bull

The Mighty Boosh was a recent find for me that made me want to delve into more quirky films and television series. Thankfully the man who helped to direct many of the Mighty Boosh episodes got a chance to make a film that is outside of that world, but is still quirky and fantastical.

The film follows a shut in who through having to order Captain Crab for lunch because his food was eaten by rats, he reminiscences about a trip he took with his friend Bunny. After winning a long shot bet, Bunny and Stephen (the shut in) decide to go on a road trip together through Europe in order to get Stephen laid and therefore over his latest crush. Lots of shenanigans and hullabaloo ensue.

The core of the story is the relationship between Stephen and Bunny. Bunny is always getting into insane bets and tiff with other people. Stephen gets tired of always trying to save him. When they are at a Captain Crab in Eastern Europe, they run into this Spanish girl who wants to go home in order to attend a fiesta. This fiesta involves bullfighting (like everything else in Spain involves). They decide to take her down to Spain and Bunny comes the realization that it would be a good idea to become a bullfighter. He never understands that maybe that might be a little too dangerous. The film becomes a quest to see what happens to Bunny and the Bull.(Ha! That is the title… I wonder how they came up with it.) Every time Bunny makes an insane bet whether it was on a horse whose jockey has a mean face, the ability to eat a lot of crabs for a car or to swim across a freezing lake, he gets lucky and wins. But will he be lucky with the bull? The inevitable conclusion has got to be the reason why Stephen has become a shut in for so long.

Although, this film has a simple story, the way it is told is interesting. Many times he uses abstract concepts in order to tell concrete plot points. The switch between fantastical and real life is seemless and interesting. I imagine that it would be very hard to pull off this amount of fantasy in a simple story like this, but it seems like perfect on-screen.

One of my favorite sequences is when the girl, Stephen and Bunny finally get to Spain and they meet the girl’s brother who is obsessed with bull fighting. The brother is played by Noel Fielding who is Vince Noir in the Mighty Boosh. He does a great job of being this over the top Spaniard who worships this suit that he keeps in a case. He can lavish the most flowery words onto bullfighting, but then instantly switch to someone who is more pragmatic. Another great one involves Richard Ayoade from the IT Crowd being a tour leader in a museum based around shoes.

This is a good film that is definitely worth the watch if only to see the fantasy sequences.


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