Curse of the Cat People

This sequel plays with, but mostly solidifies the ideologies that were stated by its predecessor. Irena, the woman who turns into a panther in the first film, returns to “haunt” the young child of Irena’s ex-husband and his new wife. Settled down in a safe suburban town where Sleepy Hollow was set many years before, the couple are having trouble with their child. You see, she isn’t like other children, she has an imagination. Imaginations are most annoying and troublesome, so the father decides to tell her that she needs to shape up and find someone to play with instead of playing by herself. She finds a picture of Irena in a dresser drawer (presumably the husband kept the picture to whack off to it while the wife wasn’t looking.)  and decides that her new friend is Irena. She plays with this imaginary friend and the parents get even more worried. Oh no, this child might be creative!

This film is ridiculous in many ways. There is a whole subplot involving an old woman who is a shut-in and is cared by her daughter, but she believes that the girl is not her daughter and her real daughter died when she was six. She ends up dying trying to climb up what seemed like four steps. The father spouts all of these things that are anti-woman and anti-children and the women (his wife and the girl’s teacher) just poo-poo him and move on. The whole message of this film is not necessarily a good one. In order to be a good child, you must be friends with your parents and put them before you put your imaginary friends. In fact what the hell are you doing with an imaginary friend, you tart! Slap! (that was me slapping a young girl. Something I thought might feasibly happen in this film) Oh and by the way the film suggests that there are maybe multiple “cat people” in the film or that the one person who was a cat person might turn into a cat at all during the film. Neither one of these are true in any sort of way.

Also what about this film makes it a horror film? Is it because the couple freak out so much about her having an imaginary friend named Irena? If you didn’t want her to know anything about her, then why do you have pictures of her, a painting she admired and a panther screen in your house? Is it because the old lady is convinced that the young woman taking care of her is not her daughter? I guess alzheimers is a horror show for those who experience it, but to anyone else it is just sad.

This film is not better than the original unless you like to watch little children get verbally abused which I have to admit I like quite a bit. (I am being sarcastic.) If you want to laugh at what people in the forties found suspenseful and then quietly reflect on how bad horror movies are now, then I suggest you watch this film and then watch maybe Hostel. Yeah. They are polar opposites. Have fun with that. P.S. I hate Hostel and Saw films. They are lame!


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