Favorite Coen Brothers Films

I recently found and watched a copy of Blood Simple. by the Coen Brothers. This was the last film that I had to watch of the Coen brothers in order to finish their filmography. I realized that even the films that they didn’t succeed at (Intolerable Cruelty, The Ladykillers), they still made pretty enjoyable films. When they were at their best, they made masterpieces. They are one of my favorite director and screenwriters of all time. So here is my favorite films by the Coen Brothers. They are not necessarily the best objectively, but the best in my opinion.

5. The Big Lebowski

I know that it may be a shock to you that I put this film so low on the list. I do love this film a lot, but I think that I have a better emotional connection to other films on the list. A must see Coen Brothers film, it is witty and violent in only the way that the Coen Brothers can pull off.

4. True Grit

Just like his performance in The Big Lebowski, Jeff Bridges brings another iconic character to the screen. I also loved Hailee Steinfeld in the precocoious child role way more than the orginial. Their chemisrty together is interesting and what drives the film for me and makes it good.

3. Hudsucker Proxy

“You know, for kids.” This satire about the American Dream showcases the Coen Brothers humor to great effect.

2. Barton Fink

Oh. Barton Fink. What a twisted film. What an amazing film to watch John Goodman go fucking bat shit insane! I love it.

1. Fargo

This film was my introduction to the Coen Brothers. After watching it a million times, I can still put it on and get sucked into the story of the film. The unique setting and the handling of the people not as stereotypes, but as real characters by the actors is what makes this film a masterpiece.

I love most of Coen Brothers films and it was hard for me to put together a Top 5 list of my favorites. Other films I want to mention are: Miller’s Crossing, A Serious Man, and O Brother Where Art Thou. Just watch everything they do. It is sure to be amazing.


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