The Hustler

Many people from my generation don’t know who Paul Newman was unless they eat his salad dressing or had a father who thought he was Cool Hand Luke (you know that kind of father. c’mon you totally made fun of him as a child… or was it just me? Man I am a bad person). My boyfriend was one of those people. He only knew Paul from Cool Hand Luke, having watched it with his dad when he was a young boy. When he met me, I was so into classic films and art films, a world that is totally foreign to him, that he wanted to get to know it. However he didn’t want to watch silly slapstick comedies, melodramas, or costume dramas, he wanted to watch actiony man-flicks.

So having not seen it before, I picked up The Hustler. He loved it. At the time was kind of getting into playing pool and eventually he would be an amateur hustler because of this film. He loved this film because of all the trick shots, the suspense that was built up between Fast Eddie and Minnesota Fats, and he loved the play for money aspect. I loved it because of the fucked up relationship Fast Eddie had with Sarah Packard and eventually Bert Gordon and all the awesome shots of smoke curling in the air while they took their shots on the table. We loved it for different reasons, but my boyfriend finally saw what I saw in these classic films.


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