The Blob

I have decided that my french new wave review will be going up weekly due to the fact that I recently had to downgrade my netflix account due to the price changes. Instead I will be putting up other reviews and top 5 lists and generally anything else I want to on a daily basis. So I will Start with…


That’s right the Blob!!!

As a sort of disclaimer I will say that the Blob sort of resists any form of critique, plot hole consideration or bad acting being pointed out. The status of cult classic has been placed on this film because of these three things. It begs the viewer to just sort of go along with everything that happens.

Does a cult classic really lend it to an intellectual critique as a film itself and not as a part of the landscape it was a part of at the time? This film was just another film to put on a big screen so teenagers will scream therefore spilling their popcorn so they would have to buy more. Does it seem to be anything more? The fact that it isn’t really is kind of its appeal for a relaxing night at home with your broke friends making up drinking games in order to swallow massive amounts of shitty alcohol.

The blob as a monster is completely unbelievable. Why doesn’t it destroy everything in its path, sort of like lava? Or why doesn’t the doctor just chop off the old farmer’s hand, thereby destroying the blob instead of just covering his head with a blanket? Even it’s weakness totally weak sauce! I’m sorry to spoil it but c’mon? It freezes? Booorrrinng!

Also how is Steve McQueen in this film? He is wooden and bored on the screen. He just sort of limps through the action like a disabled veteran. How did he get more work after this? I don’t know much about Steve McQueen and I would love to see other works of his, but this is not a good example of his acting at all.

The heavy handed Holy Family references, the police stereotypes (the good one, the disbeliever, and the secret genius), the “rebels” and the obvious fake small town all contribute to the campiness of the film. You should probably just stop reading this, go get a 24 pack of keystone light (it’s okay it is only like five cents), a couple friends that have nothing better to do (better it they are unemployed like moi) and pop this sucker in.


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