My Favorite American Animated Shows Top 5

I know that most of these shows were actually produced in some third world country like Korea or Vietnam, but the creators were American and the shows were made to air on American channels first, so that is why I say American.

5. Futurama

This show is the show that my boyfriend and I always turn on when we want some background noise or want to zone out for a couple of hours. So needless to say I have seen every episode of Futurama like a million times. Because I always try to watch new material, there are only a few shows I can say that about. Futurama is always fresh to me because of the hidden jokes and the characters. Also Bender drinking enough beer to fill a football stadium isn’t bad either.

4. Powerpuff Girls

Nineties cartoons were my childhood. I remember when my family finally got extended cable. Cartoon Network was always my favorite channel on this new cable idea. What was most popular on Cartoon Network then was of course Powerpuff Girls. I fell in love with these three girls. I pretended I was Blossom hitting Mojo Jojo all the time. Mojo Jojo was of course my favorite villain because he was awesome.

3. Bob’s Burgers/Home Movies

Created and voiced by the same people, I decided to cheat and add both of these series together. Home Movies was the first of these two series and it is about a young boy who makes his own films, but they are usually just spoofs of art and popular films. Bob’s Burgers is about Bob and his family and their burger joint. Both are severely witty and obscure. They also make you bodily laugh most of the episode. Plus several alternative comedians lend their voices to the characters and it is always nice to hear them. P.S. Gene is my favorite. He has a fart gun!

2. Dexter’s Laboratory

Airing around the time as Powerpuff Girls and created by the same creative forces behind the former. I think this series is the best of two. Surreal in nature, Dexter and his sister get into funny and exciting adventures. Dexter’s lab tends to expand with each new episode incorporating more outlandish machines and animals (even a dinosaur!) each time. However it works for this series because one can tell that this lab is in his imagination more than anything else. Also the “omelette du fromage” episode will go down as one of the best episodes of a tv series EVER!

1. Daria

Created by a woman, this series resonated with me the most. Although I was barely in high school when this series ended, I already thought I was Daria. I wore thick glasses, had brown hair with bangs, dressed in similar clothing everyday, acted awkward around other people so I became a depressed clown, read obscure books during classes, and my name even sounded like hers. Just take out the D and put in a M and there you go! Dry wit makes an amazing presence in this series. I recently bought the complete series after years of being completely unavailable because of music rights. Now there are weird interludes where the music doesn’t quite match up, but it is still worth it to own the complete series so I can now totally become Daria… I’m just joking.


2 thoughts on “My Favorite American Animated Shows Top 5

  1. My boyfriend loves Dexter’s Laboratory and Futurama. I’ve only seen some episodes of them both but never actually saw more than 2. I’m gonna go ahead and learn a little more about the ones you listed here. Nice to learn about more shows I can watch, well except Powerpuff girls.

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